Most Useless Tool, still very useful

Hello Rex

 The second was believing what I read in a book about setting
(this was when I'd already been setting diamonds for over 20 years
and should've known better, but it seemed a good idea at the time)
and making the mistake of buying a range of those seating burrs.

I am sorry, but I use your mentioned burs all the time. They last
longer than the edged one. But The speed for using should be very
slow 100-200 Rpm. Use them in a handdril and a drop of oil on them.

Martin Niemeijer

Hello Martin, Thanks for the advice about the go-slower seating
burrs. Most of the time I’ve found that the slower you run the burr,
the more it “chatters”. I’ve re-tried it in a hand-chuck as I tend to
do with bud-burrs and of course it works fine. Now if only that
vertical section of the burr didn’t leave such a gap at the girdle

Surely it’s better practice to leave a bearing cut with a slight
overhang so that one gets that nice satisfying “click” as the gem
presses into place - and doesn’t fall straight out again? I guess one
man’s burr is another man’s bummer. Kind regards, Rex