Most signifigant tool?

Hi all,

Today some of us are having a blog carnival – 4 jewelry artists
have answered the question, What tool, technology, skill or technique
has most impacted your work, and in what way?

The blog carnival participants are:

Angela Baduel Crispin, Elaine Luther, Marco Fleseri, Tamra Gentry

Here’s the link to my post, and from there you can get to the other



The Leenk, He no werky. And the answer to your question is: let me
think… Um…

and the winner is: [drum roll please]…

The GraverMax!!! (Now it is re-formulated as the GraverMach, made by
the Glendo Corporation from Emporia, Kansas.

It eased the effort involved in hand engraving and added Zillions
well, a LOT of new items and techniques to my portfolio of skills.
Channel, Pave’, Bar, Bright, Bead and bright Setting of diamonds
becomes more like a cross between wood carving and…butter

Once again The GraverMax/GraverMach has MOST impacted my work. I am
wondering now, what might be second.

Good idea, having a blog carnival. Just need to fix and repost the
link. Are you on MySpace We could do it there.

Keith (AKA MadJeweler)