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Most mallaeble 18k?

To All Fabricators I was fortunate to have taken a class at Revere
Academy with Michael Good a while back. Innocently thinking I would
learn the technique of his sensual hand hammered hollow jewelry
designs, and get right to work making my own. 2 years later, I am
still in 'apprentice’s. But have made some headway recently! (will
put designs on my website soon) My question is to those of you who
have done mostly fabrication: What is the most malleable 18 or 14
karat alloy you prefer? I mix my own alloys from 24k when casting…,
and have tried Jean Starkes granulation formula. (great for 22k) But
wish to hear from more experienced (seasoned?) goldsmiths. Thanks in
advance! Thomas Blair -( Boozer) 843 686 6001 843 686 6407 fax Island
Gold Works