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Most common ring size

I would greatly appreciate some advise from the veterans on the most
common women’s ring size. I want to create one cast (sterling and 14k)
for a production line that I can size up or down. The shank is about 2mm
x 2mm square. What would be the smallest size and largest size I would
offer, and at what size should I charge extra for custom?

What’s the most common men’s ring size?

Does anyone have suggestions on a company in San Diego or LA that would do
production sizing?

Thank you for the advise from the wise and sized!


Dear Rebecca,
in Australia, conventional wisdom says M for women and R for men.
L for Luck, Rex from Oz

Rebecca, most common woman’s ring size seems to be 6 (six). Most big
houses, RGI etc., sell their shanks, blanks, etc., in size 6.

Sharon Holt aka

In my area, the most common women’s size is 8. I made a bunch of size 7
rings, and find that I have to pound all of them one size. (this is not
an area of the “beautiful” people.)

I have yet to figure out what an average man’s size is. . . I always
thought it was about 10, but my hubby 6’, 170 lbs isn’t able to wear a 10,
it’s too big on one hand, and doesn’t fit the other.


In my 20-odd years of jewelery repair/fabrication I have found the best
sizes for stock rings is 7 for ladies & 10 for men. I only charge extra
for tu-toned pieces, special finishes or fancy shanks. Usually about
$2:00 wholesale. Bear in mind that this is the going rate in my part of
the country (mid-west) and may be differnent for yours. Best of luck;
Steve K.

we stock about 20,000 rings and although I have a
following for the larger ladies sizes 10 up the most common sizes seem to
6 and 7 and stocking from 5 to 8 will cover most. mens sizes from 8 to 10
will cover most but once again I have developed a following with the
larger gents in the 12 to 16 range because they cannot be fit any where
else. if you need to charge a premium on materials used then you will need
to develope you own break point as some people take offense at their size
costing more. ( to these I explain the extra materials cost in gold but it
is not worth it in silver)