Mosquito repellant

To people attractive to mosquitoes -

My younger son (an attractor) reminded me of some recent research
showing that catnip oil is more effective at repelling mosquitoes than

See: Catnip Repels Mosquitoes More Effectively Than DEET -- ScienceDaily

I wonder if we should cultivate catnip around our studios?


The best mixture we have found, for both yard work and mining in the
field is this one:

per one ounce grapeseed oil add 8 drops lavender oil 4 drops rosemary
oil 4 drops citronella oil

This is good to repel ALL biting insects, and has the added value of
being good for your skin. Please be certain to use essential oils
when you make your “bug juice”, and NOT alcohol extracts…

Jim Small
Small Wonders