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Mosaic Repair

Hi , Does anyone repair Mosaic jewelry or in this case a small
Sterling Frame Lots of Turquoise tiles missing! Not micro but
probably 1930’s. thanks


Hi Chrissy,

My name is Matt Whitehead, and I do repair peices like that but
would like to see it first before commiting to it! It sounds like
work I’ve done before, not to hard but it takes time, If you would
like to discusse this with me let me know by e-mail and then we can
go from there! Thanks Matt,

Hi Matt; I saw the reply to Chrissy per mosaic tiles of turquoise .
If you are intrested, then contact me for a selection of turquoise
for color match. Thank You.


Hi Chris’ Take a piece of broken turquoise, place it on a steel
block, cover it with a cloth, and strike it several times with a
steel hammer. This will give you many small pieces of turquoise.
Select the pieces that come closest to fitting the holes in the
piece of jewelry and push them firmly in. Mix up two-part epoxy
and cover the new “tiles”. When the epoxy is quite hard, polish it
and the new stones down to the level of the surrounding pieces.
Save the leftovers for your next project. Good luck. Tom Arnold

Hi Matt: I finally got some good pics of the Mosaic small frame I
will send them out tomorrow, I had asked if you repair micro mosaic
which tiney tiny, that incredibly small, let me know, cause I love
them and pass them up when they have even have a few tiles missing!
Sincerely Chris