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Mosaic Box Tops

Hello! I use steel files w/ turquoise, malachite, azurite,
rhodochosite, rhonderite, slate, marble ect., to make peices for
mosaic box tops…imake a box out of metal w/ a frame around the
edge and dividers within…i use hig temp solder and work my way to
lower temp as i move along…and then i put the raw gem material in
a homemade vice … grind it to the exact size and shape… finish
w/ my own 10 little fingers and a dremel or nail files…hand
polish or chamois…and then wedge in w/ a VERY minimum of
traditional masaic grout…occasionally the fit is so good that i
can leave one wall (on the top of the box) that i can edge a peice
of sheet glass over the top to protect the materials, (but the fit
must be tight, flush and top side level and i mean real level…
then it must be well air dried and then i use a compressed air
canister ((like the ones to clean dust from a pc)) to finish the
dust-out and dring) … once the glass plate is in place i use A
DROP (one little bitty) of flux and wedge the remaining wall in
place and solder… i usually choose the back wall for this
placement as the hinges for the box will draw the veiwers eye more
than the join…then i finish the peice w/ a coat of silver solder
low-temp. reguardless of the glass plate or not… and occasionally
claer spray w/ laquer to protect from fingerprints and
tarnish…it also aids the owner in cleaning – it makes it
goof-proof for those that are not used to the mater. and protects
the gems as some are really end product carb. and such so some
cleaners would eat them…Whehw! As for the rest of my
work… i have made a replica of a grey seal ww/ garnet eyes out of
slate( a real solid peice) in the spirit of Karl Faberge, but of
course he was The master of stone carving, boxes and the like…(I
am a real fan if you can’t tell and this lapidary student is sad he
passed and that few can rival his inginuity and jion techniques not
to mention his enamel work) …I also do quite a bit of work in
hand-rolled techniques for jewlery…no vises–no motors–just
elbow greas a grindstone or file–my 10 fingers and PATIENCE! oh-
buddy lots o’ patience and time…besides these things I
paint(watercolor,oil acrylic decoartives) i construct everything
from new roofing to costumes for A Christmas Carol (play my high
school did when i was young–50+cast oh-boy!), tattooing, body
peicing,(have done all my own) music buff and tinkering wanna be
artist on the keyboard, and all around atrsy- fartsy crafty kinda
gal…just so you know other than what i’ve read in books i do no
machine ground lap work – no formal settings-- not original metal
casting – and work exclusively w/ minerals hardness 5 or
less…For Now—But The Lap Bug Is Nipping Away at me! I may
facet in the next so many moons if i could afford the machines…

RING BOX (a few inches square w/ malichite and turquise inlay
mosaic hinged lid with closure…cost to make about 15$ total and i
made it in a town that had no lap supply shop mind you Please feel
free to respond to :cyan2375 re:instr. sheet I will send you the
instruction sheet for it --free–no strings attached–w/in about a
week on e-mail. (i made one up because it shows to all that are
interested, my basic techniques)

Material Requirements to complete box:
one inch square of tur.
one inch square of mal.
one sheet of hobby brass (specs. on sheet)
one vial of cheap flux
one coil of solder ("" “” “”)
a couple of steel files or a Dremel w/ nec disks ("" “” “”)
a few fingernail files and a buffer (drug store fare)
a soldering gun
and a little wood glue to mix w/ plater of paris and a drop or two
of acrylic paint to color grout w/ – or mosaic grout/ect.
spray laquer optional
AND-- time about a week of one to two hour sessions @ day –
depending on grind tech.

If the materials on the list are avail. or the project interest
you, – drop a line… Nice to chat… (Remember cyan2375 is a
private ind.–no spam here–not in prof. lap bus.either {:>) ))