Morocco jewelry attractions

Hi, I plan to travel soon to Morocco, and will be hitting all the
big cities. Any suggestions about where to see especially great
jewelry or about buying supplies (and other stuff such as spices and
fantastic fabric)?

Thanx and keep shining,


It has been years since I traveled through Morocco. My most
memorable shop sites were the various Souks, or marketplaces such as
The Casbah. Be prepared to down highly sweetened tea until it flows
freely from your eyes, while negotiating prices. The usual caution is
required, paid touts, their salaries included in your purchase price,
steering you to “the best place.” You are right in soliciting online

Enjoy your trip, have a great time, and come home laden with
delights and memories.


Morocco still has some interesting silver work there… I find most
places in the major cities to be primarily merchants focused on
generating tourist dollars and not much more… i recommend going to
a small town in the south called ‘Tiznit’… It has been producing
jewelery for centuries… It was the first stop for the caravans from
the desert… Its a small place and quite walkable… Folks there are
still producing and living their jewelry… I spent a couple months
there in 2008… If you want specifics just let me know… happy

Mark Kaplan

Hi Terrie!

Thanx for the heads up! I plan to buy some henna for tatoos, spices,
and fabric. I can’t wait to see some genuine silver Berber jewelry
firsthand. A few years ago one of the Harvard University museums had
an exhibition that displayed Tuareg jewelry and jewelry pictures.
Maybe I will pick up some interesting metal stamps!

Keep shining,