More truth about water torches, please?

Hi gang, After reading the recent posting on water torches, I’d like
to ask a few questions about them, too, and will greatly appreciate
whatever guidance any of you can offer. Ever since attending Revere
last year, I’ve been assembling a studio, which remains reasonably
complete, save for a good torch and ultrasonic cleaner. As I’d
discussed awhile back, I’ve been warned by (now two) plumbers about
the proximity of my bench to both the oil burner and gas-fired water
heater, which use the basement’s ambient air, and told to install
some pretty pricey safety equipment. Since my wife and I are renters
here, this doesn’t make sense, so one of the various water torches
seems like the most logical route to travel.

The other day, though, I learned that the Turbo-Braze Hydroflux
Welder (in Rio’s catalog) only gets hot enough to handle the
smallest bits of Platinum, and I’ve been planning to gravitate
towards it on a bit more than occasional usage, once I’ve had enough
time on the basics to get them under more comfortable control. All
of which seems to point towards either the Elma or the L&R. Can
anyone advise me as to which of these is more versatile – i.e.
offers a wider range of options? Ideally, I’d like to have the
flexibility to work on larger items, along the lines of those I’d
used the Midget Torches on, at Revere.

Also, I’ll soon be adding an ultrasonic to the shopping list…
Other than that is should be heated, can any of you advise me one
way or another as to preferred brands or other features to shoot
for? Again, I’m all ears and eager to get going with this, so
whatever advice you can offer will be appreciated!

All the best, Douglas Turet Turet Design P.O. Box 162 Arlington, MA
02476 Tel. (617) 325-5328 eFax (928) 222-0815