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More tools for sale

I have almost finished the studio clean-up, and will be listing the
remaining tools on ebay on Sunday. You may contact me off list for
my ebay user name and a link to the list of tools. They include a
Vigor centrifuge and accessories, (possibly a vacuum casting
machine…haven’t decided yet if that is going or not) ,scales, Kerr
electric wax pen, vintage bellows torch, vintage rolling mills, GIA
text books, a bracelet mandrel, a few assorted hand tools, some
cabs, pearls, one package of unused PMC silver, carved fossilized
mammoth ivory items, costume jewelry, rough lapidary material, and

(I’m moving so many of these extra tools out, and the studio still
looks as full as ever! I thought I’d have created so much space!
Oh, well.)

Karen Olsen Ramsey