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More software for designing jewelry

I’m going to try to keep you well informed about the
opportunities that exist for the design and manufacture of
jewelry utilizing a computer. I told you recently about a
software product called Jewelcad and where you will be able to
get a demo package of it. Not quite ready but soon.

Niel George at has a software
product called jewelworks. He will also have a demo disk soon.

Of course if you want to jump right in and make the commitment,
you won’t be alone.


I seem to have missed the post about Jewelcad. Where was that?
I’d be interested in a demo of that, if there’ll be a Mac
version. (sometimes being in the minority is the pits!)


Janet Kofoed

Good morning all its an odd time to be up but my grandson is
spending night and you know how that is. It seems to me that what
Iv seen of what you have to offer is some super high tech. stuff.
this last May I thought that I was smart enough to go high tech
too. So far Im content with what im doing but the time that i
have put in is over wellmeing to say the lest. just to teach my
self how. your machine is cool, but 8+ hr. to make part? Two
months to get the soft wear down? Im not even going to hit on
$s. So will your program work with a cnc mill? or can I transport
the DXF to my operator and redefine for cnc? Can I transport DXF
to yours. And can I turn it to a NURB. True. IT’S COLD !!