More Rosen Show Questions

We were just accepted to exhibit at the Summer Rosen Show for the
first time. We have never exhibited with them before and I have not
attended any of their shows. I’m wondering if those of you who have
had experience with this particular show could help us out.

1.What are the majority average wholesale price points?

  1. Who are the majority of buyers?

  2. Is there a lot of manufactured/imported jewelry slipping through
    the door?

  3. Would you recommend this show? Did you have a positive

Thanks so much in advance your time. I really appreciate it!!!

Sarah Gallagher

First of all congratulations!! We did the summer Rosen Show in 2001
& 2002 and found that most of the customers were filling in on items
for the holidays (not the most profitable experience we ever had).
Most of the serious orders are placed in Feb. As far as price points
go, you will find items from $20.00 to several thousand dollars. My
advice would be to bring merchandise that is in line with what is in
your jury slides, and anything else that represents your best work.
There are some really good artists at this show, and this is a good
time to get noticed by buyers from mom & pop to some of the finest
retailers in the world. As for import goods, don’t worry, the name
Buyers Market Of American Craft is true, they make every effort to
keep importers out. If you have time, take a look at the other
booths, you will find some amazingly great crafts in all categories.
It makes me want to open a gallery just so I can take some of this
cool stuff home with me. All in all, the show was a great adventure,
and I would consider doing it again in the future.

Good luck,
Christopher Arnett

Hi Sarah

I found this Trade Event Report from 2003 while searching the
internet. You might find it ineresting.