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[More Q] Laser Welder


Happy Holidays to All, I have two questions: 1. Does anyone use a
laser welder in the intermountain area; Spokane, Boise, Salt
Lake City, Las Vegas? 2. If a piece has been put together using a
laser welder, can it be taken apart or repaired by using an
ordinary torch flame?

Linda Johnson
Soda Springs, Idaho


I am having a laser welder delivered next week, but am no where
near you (Great Lakes region). But you can solder an area that
has been laser welded. In fact its a common practice to tack
things together with the laser welder and then finish with
solder. Heads for instance can be attached to a mounting much
more quickly this way, no fooling around trying to straighten.
You may be finding it hard to pull heads out of mountings that
come from some manufactures, that may be because they tacked it
with a laser and then soldered.


Linda, I have a laser welder though I’m not in your area(I’m in
GA). The answer to the second question: no you cannot take it
apart by using a torch and yes you can repair the area with a torch.
Bob Staley-B.Staley, Goldsmiths.


Just curious… Did you call me about the laser a couple of
weeks ago? Someone in that area called to ask questions and the
comment about the heads tacked was what I mentioned to them. If
it was you, or not, let me know what company you bought from and
how you like it. Looking for networking/info share on laser
applications and problems in use. I’ve had mine @ 1 year and I
love it! Bob Staley B.Staley, Goldsmiths