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More pearl stringing tips

Hi, I know that when the unstrung hank of pearls measures 16" it will
string with knots between to 18"…Silk is the best material and
thickness is determined by drill hole size…Generally, 18" is a
standard length overall but sometimes customers like 24" or even 36"
in length…The sizes for pearl studs is usually between 6- 7 1/2
mm…Always use a two part epoxy mix for assembly. I was taught years
ago to mix on on glass or clean white paper.

I use a tooth pick to mix with and I use 60% resin & 40% hardner.
Stir well and then use. Then after assembly,I leave the tooth pick
in the left over epoxy and if I need to check how it is setting- i
touch the tooth pick-not the earrings. John & I also use small
plastic clamps to hold the pearl to the finding and leave it set up
24 hours before taking the clamp off. Never use Super glue- it does
not have lasting strength… Work the pearls with clean hands and in a
clean area–wishing you much luck!

from shaking Oakland,CA
Jo-Ann Maggiora Donivan