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More on Torah Breastplate Design

Thank you all you took the time to respond.

Although this is obvioudly a project for a Jewish cermonial
pieces, others may take heart in that some of the issues raised
here are appropriate to works for other religous or cermonial

Although I have been working on the conceptual design for over a
year, a few of the most interesting points so far:

  1. I will be working with a committee, make sure that I have a
    process for getting a concensus amongst the various people

  2. make sure that the piece will blend visually with the other
    objects in the ark, i.e., other torahs, trorah cover and other

  3. references to appropriate boosk on symbology.

The good news for all Orchid readers is that these design steps
(in my opinion) could be used for most any religious project.

Detailed design started earlier this week, and should be ready
for a group presentation in about 10 days. Choice of materials
will be opaque witha preference to those from
Colorado, USA, and silver with 18k gold inlay.

Mark Zirinsky, Denver, Colorado