More on kum boo?

Hi, I had a request by a former student for info on Kum Boo. Does
anyone out there have web address for info ,or prehaps, printed
material they can send me on the topic? I have already seen the
orchid section on sources for the foil, but need more on the
process. Thanks in advance, Don Wollwage in finally dry and sunny
northern Ca.(without those noisy cicadas that I remember Twice in

Hi, in regards to kum boo, the most important thing to do is raise
the pure silver out of sterling to the surface by annealing and
quenching in pickle and then brushing w/brass brush. You may have
to do this 6-12 times. When the silver is really white, your
done. Then heating the silver w/a low constant heat electric or
gas. (plate on a stove etc. Water helps control the leaf and a
piece of smooth wood is helpful to position it. Be gentle when
burnishing because it could fade away (appear diluted).


Hello? Kum Boo??? can anyone please define this technique?
Sounds exotic!

Steve Klepinger