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More on buttons

Ive had a couple of emails off list asking more about the buttons I
make. to give you example, Ive a good friend who had a daughter called

she wasnt very well despite being only 17 yrs old. she was guifted
as an artist and saw some of the buttons I made for her mother.
Suffering from cystic fybrosis, her expectancy was perhaps a couple
of years.

I asker her if she would like to make some buttons?

She replied she would love to.

So she designed 2, one called The hand of Salome, the other The Eye
of salome.

The hand was her own and the eye was a rendering in the semi
abstract view she had. I was visiting my die maker on a regular basis
and suggested that in this instance they should make the resin
negatives and the dies as a good will jesture, in view of the fact
that these buttons would last a lot longer than the designer.

To which they readily agreed!! much to my surprise.

When the dies arrived I put into production a batch of 9 sets of of
6 of each as my contribution to the plan and mounted them on some
nice display card with a suitable note as to the maker and the
design. She sold them all to friends and through the cystic fibrosis
trust. she was very happy.

It was good just to see the smile on her face.