More essays just 'found'

I “found” in my archives, some really involved & technical essays this
evening! I (zip) compressed them into 118 MB’s. To those who have made
contact with me previously (almost 270) will automatically receive them.
Those who wish to put their name on my “to send” list just write your
accurate email address. One note, some of these essays might be
repetitious, but they belong in this newer folder.
Any files belonging to the “Bench” magazine will not appear, as they are
already ‘archived’ by Seth Rosen and his loyal staff! These will be the
very last essays to be processed & emailed!
Gerry Lewy
Toronto, Ontario.

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Hi Gerry,

Great work on the essays!

I thought I was on your list having purchased the DVD’s a couple of years
ago…but maybe not.

If not, would you please add me to your list. I would love to receive the
valuable information.

Thanks, Taf 603.969.3060 []

Hi Gerry - I would love to be added to your list please.
Thank you

Thank you very much for sharing this information. Do you have any plans to teach classes? I am a Metal Arts student and would love to have an opportunity to learn advanced setting techniques from someone as knowledgeable as you.
Thank you again,
Dianne Ryder

Hi Dianne
Just where do you live, then I can give you an answer? I’m always
available to teach…“Advanced Level” of Diamond setting is my forte!..get
back to me a.s.a.p…maybe you can get a group of your students together as
Fond regards!

Gerry Lewy
Toronto, Ontario.

This doesn’t sound like something to be missed, so count me in as well.

Thanks a bunch!

Please add me to the list

Hi Gary,
I live in Los Angeles, Burbank to be specific. We would not be advanced student where stone setting is concerned, we’d be beginners. But we’d be very enthusiastic!!
Best regards,
Dianne Ryder

Hello. Please add me to your list:

Fantastic, please would you add me also
Many thanks

Please ad me to your list. Thanks, Vince LaRochelle

Thank you very much for being so kind and adding me to your list

I would love to receive your essays!

Thanks so much!

Thank you for offering to share the essays. Please add me to your mailing list.

Aloha Gerry ~
I would love to be included in your email of your essays. Have always appreciated your input over the years.
Thanks ahead!
Cynthia Wiig

Hi Gerry. I’m pretty much a beginner and would love to be included - please add me to your list -

Hello Gerry, thank you for the generous offer! If you have room for another beginner, please add me to your list,

Oh I would LOVE to receive these!!! Could you please send them to me as well???

Thank you!!!

Hi Gerry, I would absolutely love to be added to this list as well. Please and thank you!
Thank you for sharing.


I’d love to on your list as well… thanks so much!!