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More CAD from JDPN

Hi everyone! I just wanted to announce the next two CAD workshops the
JDPN ( jewelry Design Professionals Network) is holding in New York
City. Both workshops will be held at the Fashion Institue of
Technology, 27th Street and Seventh Avenue, in room D331. The admission
fee is $15.00 for JDPN members, $30.00 for non members and free to
students who show a valid ID. February 10, 2001 - Saturday 11:30AM -
4:00PM This meeting will feature demonstrations of Corel Draw for the
creation of technical drawings by experienced modelmaker and FIT
faculty member Dominic Ventura. We will also see a demonstration of
solid modeling from Chris Sharp, freelance designer and modelmaker-
the specific software is yet to be determined.

March 10, 2001 - Saturday 11:30AM - 4:00PM The subject of this meeting
will be Rapid Prototyping. We will learn about the various processes
of Rapid Prototyping and explore what this new modelmaking technology
can and cannot do. We will gain more insight about what elements can
be formed on machines and what still needs to be done by hand. This
meeting will also feature a panel discussion, the participants being
people from the fields of design and modelmaking who have made the
transition from hand to digital tools. This will be an opportunity
to learn much from their insights and experience.

Our last CAD meeting on January with Kim Nelson and Dominic Ventura
was excellent and the room was packed. I recommend anyone who comes
from a fine arts or painting background and is interested in switching
to CAD to see the video of the meeting. The tape costs $15.00 for
members and $25.00 for non members You can RSVP Dana
Buscaglia at (212) 734- 5939 or go to the website at to learn more about the JDPN.