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More About Shop Gremlins

Hi All!

Just thought I’d pass on a new tidbit of about Shop
Gremlins. Did you know they need to learn their craft just as we do?

About a month ago the 2-seat glider bench from our front porch
disappeared. Just woke up one morning and it was GONE. Police
report…etc, etc.

This morning it magically reappeared on our front lawn, upside down!
Guess they realized they messed with the wrong bench!

I better watch out…they’re gonna get it right eventually. :slight_smile:

Have fun - - Nan

Nan Lewis Jewelry

maybe they were shooting a movie and needed it for a set…or it just
didn’t work with their decor…interesting how things reappear…and
at the right address!

interesting how things reappear..and at the right address! 

A friend of mine who lived on Davis Island in Tampa kept her bike on
her porch, but it was stolen. She bought a new one-- and kept it on
her porch. A few days later, it was gone, and the old one was back.