More about argentium

Now that we are getting good results casting Argentium, we also need
to get on top of fabricating with it. I’ve been experimenting, trying
things out so I can educate the other goldsmiths in the differences.

I know AS conducts heat more like gold (does not conduct heat as
well) and fuses pretty readily. We’re using My T Flux, and that seems
fine. I know it is very hot short, and should not be quenched right

I got some Argentium medium solder. But I wonder-- do you use AS
solders just for the match, or is there some problem if you use
ordinary sterling solders?

What else do I need to know/familiarize myself (and the other
goldsmiths) with?


Hello Noel,

When AS first came out, regular sterling solder was the only thing
available. It will solder just fine, but the color match and tarnish
tendency are disappointing when compared with the AS solders. I now
use AS solder on all the sterling alloys - it flows at lower temps
so that characteristic is helpful with tricky soldering.

Hope that Cynthia Eid chimes in too. Her experience is valuable
input! Happy Holidays to everyone, Judy in Kansas - where the family
is arriving for a much anticipated time.