Moore’s felt(!) snap on discs!


Just in case, like me, you have never heard of Moore’s felt snap on discs…yes! i said felt!..Gesswein has them…

i learned of them on a Melissa Muir youtube channel video…

i am going to order some!

Anyone have experience with these lovelies?


I’ve used them off and on for at least 20 years. I don’t need them all the time, but when you screw up, they are invaluable. judy h

I use Snap On Discs every singal day at the bench, and have for decades. From ensuring a good joint, to the first rough step in finishing, to resharpening my tiny drill bit, they are a serious workhorse.
I am sure that they require a great deal of experience to get the best results, but that applies to any tool.
I do find that the original red discs wear much more quickly than the newer darker grits.