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Mood ring

I have a customer who wants me to make them sterling bands with
mood-ring features.

Anyone have any idea where to get that stuff that changes colors
with heat that I can inlay/paint into a groove I will cut in the

Paf Dvorak

And this company sells the paint.


This company sells it.


believe it or not, Hobby Lobby sells mood beads.


Can’t resist the opportunity…

I bought my wife a mood ring once. When she was in a good mood it
turned blue. When she was in a bad mood it left a red mark on my

Rick Copeland

Hi What is Mood ring ??

Hi I thought SERIOUSLY about mood ring I want make in my studio, I
need picture

Kapil Jain.

Here you go,

I had a mood ring back in the day. It pretty much stayed black. All
the time. I found it hilarious; most of my classmates found it

If nothing else, it matched my wardrobe, as I was definitely towards
the Goth end of the subculture spectrum. :smiley:


Back in the late 60s, mood rings had “stones” that changed color to
indicate the mood of the wearer.


liquid crystal thermo-sensitive material set in a bezel of base
metal invented in the late 50’s and made into rings that swept the
adolescent hippie wannabe’s all over the Uk and US and many parts of
the world in the late 60’s and early 70’s. Forgotten largely, until
sheets of the stuff started showing up at posh/educational toy stores
in the late 90’s and now surplus stores. Sci-plus sells sheets of the
material for about 10 bucks, It reacts with one’s body temperature
and there are charts that suggest “mood” stages based on colour
indicated by the rings/material/beads, etc.

It can also be found as paint, already sealed in a cabochon, and in
rolls of the material. The rolls are a mylar like material- it’s not
a goopy liquid as the name may suggest. rer

Back in the late 60s, mood rings had "stones" that changed color
to indicate the mood of the wearer. 

The mood ring fad actually happened in 1972. I was designing and
model making for a RI jewelry factory the year they were popular.