Monitoring metal prices

This is an minor matter, but I used Rio’s home page to monitor daily
metal prices until they recently removed metal quotes from that
page. Can anyone recommend a web site where I can quickly see
precious metal closing prices. I don’t want anything fancy where I
have to search among opening prices, futures, hourly prices, etc., to
find the closing prices.

Thanks so much.

Goldline is a UK site listing the daily London closing prices:

Can anyone recommend a web site where I can quickly see precious
metal closing prices.

i keep a banner on my web sites and on my Igoogle
homepage- it is updated in real time and all you must do is copy and
paste their link where you want it- desktop, homepages, websites,
etc…free and reliable for every metal known to markets in all
countries- just select which ones)- you want and you’re done. is where I check metal prices. Try
Gold Spot Prices | Silver Prices | Platinum & Palladium| KITCO I have this as a shortcut on my
desktop. They not only have all of the current metal market numbers
and their associated charts in all of the world’s major currencies,
but the Dow, S & P, all of the other major financial market
indicators, crude oil, and most major currency exchange rates. They
also have a little toolbar application that you can download that
will display current metal prices and their direction (whichever ones
you want, I have platinum and gold on mine) on your toolbar. This can
be downloaded at

Dave Phelps

web site where I can quickly see precious metal closing prices. This
is the one for Indian Jewelers Supply and you will see the prices

Donna in VA

I’ve been using this link for a few years now. It’s simple and fast.
It’ll will also do history.

Dennis Fisher

If you are looking to purchase metals for jewelry purposes, I suggest
that you contact various refiner/distributors of precious metals.
David Fell in LA would be a good place to start. Nice people, family
owned business. Google search for others. Try to find a vendor close
to you. This might lower mailing costs.

The Wall Street Journal lists prices for investment as well

rp leaf

You can also read the WSJ every morning under Cash Prices.

Mary A

Thanks everyone for all of your suggestions. I tried the Kitco
toolbar add -in and love it. It’s always there with the current
market prices on my to olbar. Cool.


I use Mozilla Foxfire as my browser, I open tools, options, main,
and I put as my homepage. Every time I open my browser, the
metal prices are automatically displayed. When this page is
displayed, the box on the left that says “spot market is open” or
says “spot market is closed” has one line that says bid/ask. The
figure on the left is the spot price for gold that day. Click on the
tab on top left “all metals quote” and quotes are for silver. gold.
platinum and palladium. On this page on the top left is a box that
has a box “visit our base metals site” for copper, nickle, ect

Richard Hart G.G.
Denver, Co.

I like this site because it has graphs which are easy to check at a
glance. They have history graphs, too.


I was all set to add the Kitco toolbar to my iGoogle page when I
discovered something even better (for me anyway!). Kitco has an
iPhone app that shows the market for gold, silver, platinum,
palladium and rhodium. You can look at historical data and the
London fix as well. And it’s free. It’s called Kcast and pops right
up when you search for it in the app store. I immediately downloaded
it onto my phone because that is the one thing I look at a bazillion
times a day!

Cheree Craze