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Money-clip advice


Okay…I’m going to do something I never do, I’m actually going to
ask for advice! I’ve a commission for a money clip and I’m concerned
about keeping the spring in the metal. It’s going to be colored 14
and 24kt golds. I’m not exactly sure what the best way would be to
fold it over so that it is tight and springy. Now, before you start
telling me what to do you should know that I don’t know anything
about temperatures of torches ( mines the acetylene I taught myself
with) or of the metals while I’m soldering. I’ve never in 38 years
done any methodical quenching/tempering.

What I’d like to know is:

if there is a special alloy of gold or a blank I can order that I
can then do my decorative soldering upon and end up with something
clean and functional OR if I’m concerned for no reason and 14kt will
perform well without too much help from me Or if after I do what I’m
good at, someone wants the job of whatever is needed to toughen it

Marianne Hunter


Hi there,

Here is a small suggestion- could you make your
decorative/ornamentation as a plate and then rivet this piece onto a
ready made money-clip that has the correct amount of spring…The
reason I suggest this-at the retail level I often encounter men who
are looking for a particular grip on the bills,so to speak…When I
encounter a piece that is handmade, 9 out 10 times, it doesn’t
function to the degree the customer expects…This way, you can do
your work, apply it on top and not disturb the tension…Also,
perhaps your work could be laser welded on top of the ready-made(just
a thought)…Take care & cheers from up north!!!

Jo-Ann Maggiora Donivan