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Mold materials and copper clay

What is the name of the company that makes copper clay?

The pans I see for sale by FMG, for firing copper clay, are just a
tad too big for my kiln. Is it possible to get similar pans else
where that are smaller?

Also, are there inexpensive mold materials for use with metal clays?

How many firings can I get out of the activated carbon? Even at the
200+ item price a 5 pound package of activated carbon is roughly


The pans I see for sale by FMG, for firing copper clay, are just a
tad too big for my kiln. Is it possible to get similar pans else
where that are smaller? 

I had the same problem and discovered the "No-Flake Firing Foil"
made by

It’s steel foil that is quite a bit thicker than regular aluminum
foil, but same principle. By folding it you can make a box (and lid)
any size you need–they even have a video tutorial to show you how.
Works great! Word of warning, though, be sure to use gloves or pay
close attention to what you are doing when folding the foil as it is
razor sharp on the edges–ask me how I know! :frowning:

There are two copper clays generally available. One, by Metal Clay
Adventures, must be fired in the carbon, but the Copper Clay by Aida
Chemical Industries, Art Clay Copper, can be fired in an open kiln,
then quenched in water and pickle used, if needed. Art Clay World,
USA sells hundreds of molds that are usable for any type of clay. We
also sell pans for copper clay, but I really suggest you try Art Clay
Copper. It’s very dependable, shrinks less, and a breeze to fire. Go



  1. You can purchase copper clays from a whole range of distributors:
    CopprClay from Rio Grande; Check out Whole Lotta Whimsy; Prometheus
    Clay; Art Clay; PMC Connection and on and on and on. Not all copper
    clays are equal…different firing schedules and open shelf firing,

  2. There are a number of different sized containers for Bronze and
    copper clays. Again, check out the above suppliers plus . You can
    also use flower pots (no hole), using a flower pot saucer for the
    cover (cool down in the kiln to avoid thermal shock, though they’re
    cheap enough to replace). It’s only critical to have 1/2" carbon
    under and covering the piece.

  3. Mold making materials (from least expensive): papier mache;
    Aquaplast; two-part silicone mold making material, like Belicold,
    etc. (same suppliers) 4. I don’t think that anyone has determined
    how many firings you can get from a 5 lb bag of carbon…too many
    variables involved.

  4. Join the Yahoo Metal Clay group forum for questions, answers, and
    metalclay at yahoogroups

  5. Read through: and for more

Hope this helps,

Hadar Jacobson also produces her own copper clay that comes in a
powder form that you can mix up just what you want to use with
water. I’ve been very happy with her product.

Looks interesting enough. It’s a little more expensive than the
copper clay from Art Clay World, if I buy in quantity I can get a
200 gram package for $31.98 and free shipping.


Thank you Linda, that helps a lot. Bought a firing pan from Art Clay
World and it was too big. When they listed it as 4", I assumed it
was the overall size, not the depth of the pan.

Having looked at their return policy, I think I’m stuck with it. I
think I have some small terra cotta planters, but they have a hole
in the bottom :frowning: Is the ‘no hole’ thing important?

So far Art Clay World has been the cheapest source of Copper Clay,
if bought in quantity. Their price on activated carbon is very good
as well. Nice bonus, free shipping on anything over $150 and it’s
UPS, not the post office.

If you have the time, could you list the brands/manufacturers of
silicon two part putty? Just the names will be fine, I can google
from there :slight_smile:

I have book marked the Metal Clay Acadamy page and will go check it
out. Will take me some time, there’s a lot for my ADD addled mind to


Hello Liz,

There are so many suppliers of tools/equipment and materials for use
with metal clay now. I would suggest that you get a copy of Metal
Clay Artist magazine, Art Jewelry and/or Jewelry Artist (subscribing
is not a bad idea), and go through the ads, checking out websites for
two-part silicone moldmaking materials. I always use Belicold, which
Rio Grande sells, (and others, I believe).

Hope this helps,
Linda Kaye-Moses