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Mold Making

Hello everyone,
I have been looking for a solution to this issue, maybe you could guide me in the right direction. I created a bangle that I would like to make a mold for. I have been looking everywhere for a larger aluminum mold frame (maybe 4x4) to vulcanize. Unfortunately, I can not find one anywhere. I have found some images on the web to describe what I was envisioning the mold to look like, images attached below. Does anyone know I place where I could find a larger aluminum frame? or maybe there is a different route I should take? Any suggestions are welcomed!
Thank you very much,

I’ve also found it tough to get large aluminum frames for sculptural belt buckles. You might consider making one from thick aluminum stock and machining the fitted edges and either having them welded or machine screwed or pinned/aligned together . The cost of taking a large block of aluminum and removing (…and sometimes disgarding the core) is a bit costly.

The largest mold forms i obtained were from a jeweler retiring. The needed depth came from stacking two together with a pin setup that held them in place. Quite inventive.

Getting a can and sprue base for casting the largest pieces is a challenge as well.


Wow, yes very inventive. Thank you so much for your help Eileen, I will try your first technique. I did look into getting the core removed as well and was quite surprised.

Send it to a casting house - they won’t charge much to make a mold and you can get a quote to have them cast it.
Judy H

I have had good luck finding mold frames on ebay. Search “jewelers rubber mold frame” Here is one that is 4" x 4 7/8". good used ones come up from time to time. You just have to keep looking day to day. I recently bought a nice set of 2 part frames. Can’t get this type new anymore.

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Is a denture mold too small; probably not quite 4x4”?
What pressures are applied? PVC too weak?
You want a two part mold (top and bottom) with the two halves indexed together?

I make my own cheaply by buying aluminum “L” material in the height I need then cut one side until I hit the upright side then bend it on a 90 degree angle measure and cut next side same when I get to the last side I leave about a inch or so more then needed. Cut Sam as others but the part that is sticking out I then trim the bottom part of the “L” so when bent 90 degrees the bottom will match the others. Then I usually just epoxy it together using a high heat epoxy.
Then use my sheets of aluminum for top and bottom…
saves bunches and I can make them any size or shape I want to cut down on rubble waste.

This is a task that’s made easy by getting a milling machine. Even a small one, like the Taig mills we sell, can cut mold frames out of aluminum plate. 1" plate is available from places like Online Metals Aluminum Sheet & Plate | Cut to Size | Online Metals and we sell the US-made Taig mills at a substantial discount from the manufacturer’s price: Of course, making mold frames is just one thing these versatile little CNC mills are good for; they can also make the original wax models for casting and molding, or machine metal forms and dies for hydraulic pressing, as well as many other chores that are difficult to execute otherwise.