Mold and wax makers in the US

Hi there, I am looking for someone to make molds and waxes of my
original designs, preferably in the western states (I live in Alaska
and shipping is faster from the west coast) with a fairly quick
turnaround time. I have been making my own rtv molds and waxes and
casting them myselffor years but I would prefer to spend my time
working on new designs rather than sitting at the wax bench all day.
I still plan on casting them myself but need a mold made for each
design and then to have waxes made to order into the future. I have
extremely high standards for the waxes Icast, but with a hand pump
injector and mold cutting not really being my strong point I am
having some difficulty getting waxes that meet my standards. Any
suggestions? Thank you.


We are in Sequim WA, pretty much due South of Victoria on Vancouver
Island. My wife Cynthia, is a relatively retired, LONG time jeweler
and I have and still make a reasonable number of molds and do a fair
amount of wax casting (mostly for bronze sculpture) but we have a
number of mold making directions, pressurized wax pots, a complete
small scale casting setup, etc. I do RTV as well as vulcanized molds
(more experience in RTV) so if interested, I would be interested. Let
me know via e mail (john at MLCE. net) or phone (360-681-4240) if
interested. Our websites are available at MLCE. net (we have 3). If I
can be of help…

john dach

Thanks John,

What I am looking for is ideally someone with a vacuum wax injector
who can make ‘near-perfect’ waxes for me on as as-needed basis,
around 50-100 of each design at a time. I have around 15-20 fairly
intricate designs that i regularly cast so it would add up to quite
afew waxes. Personally I have had my fill of spending days on end at
the wax bench and throwing out half the waxes i make because of
pits, bubbles andexcess flash so that is why I am looking for
someone with better equipmentand skills to do it for me. If you
think this is something you would like to do despite my
perfectionism and the volume I require maybe we can work something
out. You can email me offline at @Dug_Outski. All the best,


Dear Douglas,

You might consider Dan Grandi at Racecar Jewelery in Cranston RI.

His email is sales at and web site is
Jewelry Making | Pawtucket, RI

His business is just what you were asking for.

Michael Knight