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hi friends, I am trying to make some jewelry using mokume technique. I
just made a few simple patterns but now I am not able to proceed
futher as I have no idea what other possibilities are left in this
technique. However I read OPI UNTRACHT`S book on jewelry making
teachnique. If anyone can guide me futher I shell be greatful to you
SHYAM AGARWAL jewelry designer/silver smith @shyam

Hi Shyam, I highly recommend the book _Mokume Gane, A Comprehensive Study by Steve Midgett. In addition to his own writing on the
subject, Steve also includes contributions from other masters of the
process. The book is loaded with remarkable photos… a worthy
addition to any jeweler’s library, even if he (or she) has no
intention of actually making the stuff.

In my recollection there isn’t a lot of specific on
techniques for developing specific patterns, but general guidelines
and an encouragement to experiment. There are a lot of good,
inspirational photos, though!

Oh yeah… the book is ISBN 0-9651650-7-8.

Dave Sebaste
Sebaste Studio and
Carolina Artisans’ Gallery
Charlotte, NC (USA)

Shyam, the most comprehensive book is “Mokume Gane” by Steve Midgett
$34.95 + shipping. Full of instructions and pictures. We have it in
stock. 800/876-3434

try contacting eugene and hiroko pijanowski at the University of
Michigan, they are known for their work in the japanese techniques
and they teach metalsmithing at the U. I dont have an e address but
I am sure you \can get ahold of info through the college…good
luck. Ps there are tons of books out there besides untracht with
more detailed info. hunt at your local bookstore or try

Shyam - Steve Midgett has two books, Mokume Gane in the Small Shop
(also a tape) and Mokume Gane, A Comprehensive Study. The latter has
wonderful pictures and a lot of tips for patterning. These have
been very helpful to me. You might also look at James Binnion’s site , Steve Midgett’s site and Walker metalsmiths for ideas.

There are also past discussions in the Orchid archives. Search for

Debby Hoffmaster

Steve Midgett’s book “Mokume Gane in the Small Shop” Earthshine
Press is a touchstone in this technique. Try Reactive Metals
1-800-876-3434 I’m sure they have it in stock- Or, you can contact
Rio Grande for the book & video set. I must say, Reactive is a
fabulous source of info, and they also sell Mokume Sheet-- Rio

Have a greatful day!

Hi Shyam! I don’t know if you are near the Boston area, but James
Binnion will be teaching his workshop “Patterning in Mokume” on July
27 & 28 at Metalwerx.

Karen Christians
10 Walnut St.
Woburn, MA 01801
Fax: 781/937-3955
Accredited Jewelry Instruction