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Mokume with sterling and palladium?

Since there’s been some talk about nickel silver and allergies
and the prohibition of the use of nickel and its alloys in
jewelry in europe, I’m thinking about replacing the nickel silver
in Mokume with palladium. I like the contrast of white silver and
grey a lot, so palladium seems to be the only alternative. Has
anybody tried this combination and has some hints for me? Should
I use fine palladium or an alloy with 950 pd and 50 ag? Never
worked with palladium before, so some general 'bout
this metal might be helpful.


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Hoover and Strong Recommends their palladium gold alloys for
mokume so there should not be any problems.

Sabine, I have been using a 14k Palladium white gold alloy and
sterling silver laminate that works well for me. It has close to
the same color as pure palladium and works well in the mokume
laminate. I have not laminated the pure palladium so I can’t
comment on it.


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