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Mokume Sculpture Commission

Hi Community,
We’ve been contacted by someone who is interested in having a small mokume bear sculpture made for he and his wife’s 25 year anniversary. Here is an excerpt of his request made to us:

"Looking for someone who could perhaps take your products and form into a stylized bear shape (that can stand on a shelf) similar to those found here: . "

“I am think that the top of the bear shape (from feet to top of back arch) should be at least 2.5 inches. I can supply better dimensions and am not overly fussy as long as it maintains the right perspective.”

Since we couldn’t think of just who might be able/willing to do this for him, we asked his permission to post here with his contact information and we have received it.

Phillip Tefft, email:, cell: 720-498-3868

If you can help him out, please feel free to contact him directly.

Thank you Makers!
Michele Watters
Reactive Metals Studio (where we are baking in the sun and praying for monsoons! 105F Today.