Mokume gane seamless join band ring

In 1997 John wrote:

What I am failing at is creating a band with the grain running
horizontally around the ring, with a "seamless" join where the ends
meet to form the band.. I'm sure it's possible (I think) to have
the yellow gold "base" incorporated into the billet and hammer
forming the rolled edge. Wonderful work! 

After pattering, cut a small billet, say for example, 3/8" x 3/8" x
1 1/4" and drill two very small holes centered on the witdth and
about 3/16" clear of each long end. Saw between them and open up the
resulting lengthwise split, annealing frequently as you go. You will
get a seamless band and can forge it to whatever size you want.

Mill the center and add a core of any metal and either forge or add
rails if you like. The center cannot be incorporated into the billet.

Barry Lipman