Mokume gane problems

Hi Orchid folk.

You’re probably all tired about hearing these questions but I googled
and couldn’t find a specific answer, seeing as that most people try
to keep as much of this proprietary as possible. Today I finally made
a fully fused billet, however I noticed in making this billet that
after working it that the layers of silicon bronze that I was using
began to crack, I’m trying to figure out whats going on in there, as
I made sure to use flux liberally and I only worked the billet when
it was a bright orange. for reference I was using silicon bronze and
copper as I need to get this technique down asap because I was asked
to demo for my school’s Art and Music festival in the middle of next
month, and where as I’m seeing proper fusion, I worry that any
further work will result in failure.\

Any and all help would be entirely appreciated.

Try using “commercial bronze” instead of silcon bronze. C220 It is
really just a red brass. 90% cu and 10% zn. Close to the same color.
Easy to fuse for mokume.