Mokume-gane mirror image

I have been working with mokume for a few years now, but decided that
I wanted to try making wedding bands that are mirror-images of each
other for my upcoming wedding. I see George Sawyer sells them and it
appears that he patterns the billets and then slices them from the
side to get the patterns the same? Has anyone had any luck doing
this? Once I get a piece patterned and flat it is too thin to be wide
enough for a ring shank. If anyone has had luck with this, how many
layers did you use and how thick did you leave it before patterning?
Also, does anyone know of any mokume workshops in Tucson this


Megan, George Sawyer does not make a single sheet of Mokume he makes
a billet and slices it like a loaf of bread. That is how he makes
matching bands.