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[Mokume Gane] Beautiful book

I am inspired to plug Steve Midgett’s new book: “Mokume Gane- a
comprehensive study” ISBN 0-9651650-7-8 Not only is it truely
comprehensive, the illistrations and the presentation by the author
and the contributors is really outstanding. Contributors describing
their techniques and work include the author, James Binion, Robert
Coogan, Hiroko Saki, and Eugene Pijanowski.

The book is available from:

If you have any intrest in fine metalworking-- Buy this book you
will be inspired. Jesse

dear jesse, where can i get steve midgett’s new book. tried 3 outlets
and they never heard of the book. thanks,louise

Hi Louise,

You can get Steve Midgett’s new book from Earthshine Press,
800-374-6423 ( I think the book is $34.95 +5.00 S&H.
It’s a great book!


I ordered it direct since like you I didn’t find it in the usual
places and didn’t have an ISBN from the Lapidary Journal review.
I found the website but ended up calling the 800 number. The info
was in Dave Arens reply. Jesse