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Mokume Gane: A Comprehensive Study

Mokume Gane: A Comprehensive Study

has anybody read this book and viewed the video. i am interested in
learning this process.

Mokume Gane - A Comprehensive Study
by Steve Midgett
Price: $34.95

Media: Hardcover
Manufacturer: Earthshine Press
Release data: 2000


I have not seen the video but the book is excellent. It gives three
different techniques for producing a laminate. I think this is
important since, while learning, I tried several and only had success
with Binnion’s diffusion technique. Had it not been available I would
not be making Mokume.

The book also gives patterning and finishing advice. It’s really
worth the money.


It is an excellent book to introduce you to Mokume Gane.


Hi Mathew,

Steve Midgett is both a colleague and friend of mine. I have taught
on the same program as Steve and was very impressed by his abilities
as a teacher (let alone craftsman). During class he demonstrated a
mokume kiln that he constructed from fire brick: something that most
of us can do at our bench.

I own the book and consider it well worth the purchase price. It is
a beautiful and instructive book.

Take care,
Andy Cooperman

The video is a companion to Steve’s earlier book “Mokume Gane in the
Small Shop” which is a small format paperback book that details how
to make a small fire brick kiln and make small mokume billets using a
torch to fire them. His second book “Mokume Gane: A Comprehensive
Study” is a truly comprehensive look at mokume gane in a beautifully
produced hard bound 8.5 x 11 format. He had several other artists
write chapters that cover their different techniques. It also has
some history and a lot of great pictures of mokume gane items made by
a wide variety of artists. I am of course somewhat biased in my
opinion about the book as I am one of the chapter writers :slight_smile: But
with that said there is not a better book out there for getting a
lot of about mokume gane.

A good second book is Ian Ferguson’s “Mokume Gane”

Jim Binnion

Steve Midgett’s excellent book introduced me to the unique properties
of mokume. While reading Jim Binnion’s process of making mokume in my
PMC kiln, I called him to teach a a class for us. We have become good
friends ever since. Mokume is becoming a “hot” artform and becoming
more recognized into mainstream America for wedding rings and
jewelry. Only a handful of people in the US really do this well.

Does the “video” also come in DVD format?

Looking forward to more mokume, endless patterns and metal
combinations. Cool.


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