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Moissanite in Orlanda

I was able to see the C3 display of Moissanite in Orlando after
the JCK show. It was interesting that C3 was not at the JCK show,
rather in a totally separate hotel…

As for the material – I was amazed. Moissanite is so strongly
doubly refractive that it is obvious to me in the the picture C3
used in its flyer! Looking through the table at a real-life
moissanite, the DR was very plain under my loupe. The tester
should not be a necessity for anyone with a loupe and knowledge
of what DR looks like.

They displayed a lot of stones set in jewelry. The settings did
not hide the DR in the least. In fact, I found it a little
humerous that the setting made the DR more evident as even the
reflections of the prongs were doubled.

I also noted that nearly all of the stones had body color –
noticable at a distance. The rep claimed that the best they
color they could consistantly produce was about G, but the stones
on display seemed darker. Could have been the room – the
lighting was less than optimum. They claim to be able to do
better color-wise, but I didn’t see it represented. The rep also
mentioned that fancy colors were possible. Predominatly a mint
green and a blue. He wouldn’t say much more.

On the whole, it was an interesting experience. I’m not
convinced moissanite will work in the retail market, but I am
convinced that it will be easier to distinguish from diamond than
the advertising is leading people to believe.

Anyone else see the display? thoughts?


Peter Torraca