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Modifying gravers

Hi All,

I have just completed a fantastic individualized instruction course
in stone setting from Gerry Lewy (Gemz). He has been sending ya’ll
gravers and setting notes so you must know his name. I have to tell
you that my main issue and problem with any set of gravers I have
received over the past many years has been that they never fit my
hand. It hasn’t mattered who I’ve told when I’ve taken a course be
it engraving or setting that they have not been able to deal with
the size of my hands (small and short).

Well, yesterday we spent many hours both shortening the gravers and
"modifying" the handles just so that I could get that stupid handle
into my hand. It wasn’t just that the graver was too long, but also
that the handle was tooooo Big!!! My short fingers and palm could
not encompass the wooden handle. We had to modify EACH individual
handle for EACH graver so now everything fits and Gerry spent extra
time above and beyond the call of duty to assist me.

YEAHHHHHHHH I now have gravers I can USE… thanks Gerry for
the wonderful help and instruction.

jennifer friedman