Modified and hijacked jewelry tools

I love the way one can finally upload pictures by dragging and dropping.

Been a long time coming.

I bought a pair of circlip removing pliers from the local hardware store.

Then I heat the tips with my flame and bend them inwards.

I like push down on the ceramic soldering pad as I heat it.

Check how the plastic does not melt even though the tips are slightly warm.

I wanted to keep the plastic on but because the jaws were now much wider, the handles were also too far apart, even for my big front paws.

So I stripped the plastic and heat bent them so my little hand could hold them easier.

So I use them to hold rivets, and domed things and squash hot things when I am soldering.

I mean the jaws have already seen the gates of hell, so a little bit of flame won’t worry them much.

Here is another set of long nose pliers that I modified.

I use this one to hold pearl cups

Like this.

So you can sand or file it easier.

I got some more mods coming soon on this thread, and if you got your own, post them, because you know, skills and stuff.


these are fantastic Hans!!! thanks for sharing

you have inspired me


this is too cool - I hope you post more of these!