Modification of used round burs

Here is something you all should take note of…PLEASE read this

If during some of your round bur setting processes you find the
teeth of that round bur getting ever so slightly worn down…don’t
throw that bur away.
Its still good.

Good grief, this setter is been drinking too much tea again. Well
let me tell you that 30% of my burs fall into that category.
Supposing that you need a bur for a 1.75mm stone and you have 2 burs
that are either 2.00 mm’s and 1.50mm’s in size.

Here is the trick that I teach anyone I visit or teach in my setting
classes. If that still-almost-sharp bur is STILL cutting. The worn
down bur is now smaller by just a fraction…it could be safe to say
that this bur it is now the desired size you now desperately need.
It’s now a bur size of 1.75mm’s…VOILA!

Instead of calling your tool supplier in another city for one single
bur, its now there at your bench. So how do you know that your bur is
getting slowly worn down? If its sliding around and barely
cutting…next, under close examination of the teeth, there is a
bright edge on the teeth of the bur…now you know its getting worn
down. This new reduced size of bur can be used only if it’s still
almost cutting. (You must make that judgement call.)

BUT, here is the deciding factor that you should know. If you don’t
lubricate any of your burs then metal turns blueish in colour, then
it isn’t good for anything in setting, it’s useless !

I hope that this little modification of burs helps you all, where
ever you are.

Hava great day,eh?
Gerry Lewy