Modern dop

Hi AJ, I don’t cut, but my friend does. She just uses a quick set
epoxy. When done, she puts in the freezer, (or in the winter, just
outside…LOL) for about 5 minutes, and the stone just pops off
nicely. Very little, if any residue left on the stone.

in frozen MN

a. j. Super glue is very easy to remove if the stone can be heated,
because it evaporates at hi temp. It can also be removed by acetone
(finger nail polish remover). But, as either of these processes can
be harmful to stones - heat can break most stones that you may
polish & many dyed stones (lapis, turq, etc) don’t take kindly to
acetone - you should probably ‘stick’ with the tried and true dop
wax sold by many suppliers.

Demetra I wish such a program were available. Unfortunately, it is
difficult to buy a good ‘accounting only’ program for under $100. I
have used four of those, designed for the jewelry industry, which
are currently available. The ‘best’ (ease of use, free from bugs)
programs sell for $3K to $8K. However, there are a couple of 'good’
ones in the $600 to $900 range. Good Luck! Let’s see what others
have to say. georockman