Modern dop?

Hi, I’m learning much of faceting from older books, and I was
wondering what kinds of dopping agents modern faceters use. I’ve
heard krazy glue, but that sounds it would be hard to remove… is
it still acceptable to use wax? or is there special dopping

Also, have there been significant advancements in any other parts of
facetting? what kinds of laps do people use nowadays? is there a
referece or a good modern book on all these question?


You have asked a perplexing question…one that usually evokes mixed
responses…often emotional! The fact is, wax is still a very
useful dopping medium when faceting. I require ALL my students to
learn how to properly dop with wax and complete both of their class
projects using wax. Why? Because it teaches a light touch for one.
Secondly, when they blow a stone…and it is 90% sure they will, the
jagged break in the wax allows them to match the stone’s position on
the dop and recover its original orientation. It also makes the
transfer easier.

Having said that, just about any of the quick drying glues can be
used and, in fact, should be used for heat sensitive stones. There
has been a lot written about how to use super glue, epoxy, including
methods to facilitate transfer. I suggest you try the on-line
’lapidary digest’. You can check it out by posting at and subscribe at

Lets see what some of the more current faceters post regarding the
laps. Cheers from Don at The Charles Belle Studio in SOFL where
simple elegance IS fine jewelry! @coralnut1

AJ, there is a lot of different views on this issue. Some use only
wax, some supper glue, others only epoxy. I use Raytech brown facet
wax for the first dop, and then use 5 minute epoxy for the transfer.
It works for me. You should sign up for the faceter’s list if you
are a faceter.
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