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Modern '2005' jewellery facilities

Dear all, on Orchid!

I am to start work as a setter who will be setting mostly Princess
diamonds for this 28,000 sq.ft. office…As I was picking my location
for my new bench. I noticed a small self-contained room…with nothing
but oxygen and propane tanks…nuttin’ else!..did anyone say the
word safety measures? no ruddy tanks near the jewellers’ benches in
case of leaking gas tanks; no interruption while being replaced.
great idea?..its a great “safety” feature.

Also noticed were no two benches are attached. over abundance of
electric plugs. no sharing of outlets…strong ventilation on all
Rhodium plating work areas. separate polishing rooms, separate rinse
rooms…extremely high ceilings and open areas, not like the
’ramshackle hovels’ of years ago. I am not privileged to name this
company, but its known world wide.and its not Wullymart!..:>)

As the other setters have qualms on setting these Princess stones. I
find these stones very interesting and stimulates the mind in
"making each preparation an exact science".

When I prepare the Princess stone for setting, I layout all of my
tools and burs prior to setting, I will examine each stone for any
inclusions, remove all unnecessary equipment off of my work area.
Prepare the claws for burring, have only those tools and burs all
within hand and arm reach. I will have only those burs I truly need.
Even the pliers have to be maintained and well positioned on my
area. Lighting has to be 100% perfect. I prefer a three fluorescent
bar element. I also prefer to have new and sharp burs at all times.
No ring must be “almost tight”, I will strike the ring clamp with a
hammer to prevent any undo loosening while setting these expensive
stones…am I obsessed with perfection …YES!

My new “Manual of Diamond Setting” explains all of the setting
techniques for Princess Diamonds.

“Gerry, the Cyber-Setter!”