Models for Medical Jewelry

Hi James,

One of the things that my attorney had access to that I have not
posted to the list is an actual fax of my designs, before getting the
AMA Ok to use their symbol. I have posted nothing regarding
"beautiful (nearly) INvisible" medical identification, that was YOUR
interpretation. I don’t consider large beautiful medallions of
silver or gold with red crystals or gemstones instead of poorly or
cheaply done enamel invisible.

(Note to enamel people), I have seen an occasional well done
enameled medallion, but most of these emblems out there are done by
the cheapest possible method, using the same enamel people for their
14K stuff as for the stainless steel stuff.

Both of the paramedic/ambulance companies that I talked with noted
that the designs I was playing around with were larger than a U.S.
quarter dollar, and the emblems were much larger than the 6mm size
usually seen, and double the size that I wear. They also noted
(with humor) the lack of a rectangle tag surrounding the emblem, and
the decorative edges of the entire design which other than the
emblem was the sole decoration other than overall texture. My
designs are anything BUT invisible, and on the disclaimer I have
noted that the medallions should worn a fairly simple item. Beauty
has nothing to do with “invisibility”.

I have seen the “charms” which you may be thinking of in terms of
"invisibility", and I personally think they are worthless in terms
of saving a life since a) they are made to be adjacent other
non-medical items and therefore don’t stand out) and b) are to small
to even read.

I have walked into EVERY jewelry store in Downtown Denver, and
several large mall stores, along with the teen accessory boutiques.
What I have noticed is that individual gemstones and rhinestones are
much larger than the emblem on the ID-tag I currently wear, which is
on the larger end of the current market spectrum.

If you read my previous notes carefully, you will notice that the
only times I have used the term “Medic-alert” were in context of
defining market share or several warnings that it IS a trademark,
and thus the tradename as a descriptive title should be avoided at
all costs.

As to my “bulldogedly missing the main liability point”, I have no
assets but for the several year old furniture and computer &
software in my apartment, and some inventory of bali silver, wire,
and semi-precious stones, since a bankruptcy due to medical bills
several years ago. Therefore, I have nothing of real value to lose.
Liability is an item of consideration to be noted by others on the
list if they are considering getting into it.

My medical id (once they eventually found the hidden tag under my
shirt) has saved my life a few different times. But, I hope to
save a few lives by providing “beautiful, highly visible” medical
jewelry to people who are currently refusing to wear medical ID
because they find it unattractive.

Tina McDonald