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Model Master CAD/CAM


I purchased the Model Master CAD/CAM package about two years ago for
milling metal molds along with wax and plastic too. I really wanted
to know if this was the right system to do what I needed for years
and no worries of machine failure or loss of tolerance. I visited
there manufacturing facility and spoke with them at great length,
and found that the CNC 1000 they sell which is the Art2Part system
was what I needed. I first wanted to see it cut, which they did in
metal on a few various class ring and earrings metal molds. Next I
wanted to see FINE lettering done and some filigree too. The
machine did it no problem. Long story short, it is working very
well for me with not one problem yet. Also, they gave me a list of
references to call that are cutting metal, and all seemed pleased.
I do believe that you should pursue the same route, a one day trip
to them in Atlanta is worth it. They will do the same for you I am
sure. I feel that with most my expensive equipment purchases, I went
to see them work and called references. Word of mouth just was not
good enough for me from third party

Hope this helps,
Mark Andrews
PS Goldworks