Model master cad/cam

I just wanted to put it out there that I’ve been using Model
Master’s Art2Part w/ 3 axis mill for about 2 years. Not being very
computer oriented- I’ll admit that it did take a while to not only
get used to thinking differently about the making of jewelry- but
getting used to Corel Draw and ArtCam was a bit much in the
beginning- as well as file management. But the more I used it the
better it got- always discovering little tricks to getting around
CorelDraw… I will also say that any time I really ran into trouble
I got an answer to my problem and it was the right answer- things
worked. I recently went down to take a one-on-one class w/ Cecily-
very intense. I came away with all the tools I had asked to be
shown- and even more important able to use them immediately!

Yes …it costs a bit in time & money- but if you can’t get this to
pay for itself within a few months you’re just not using it enough
to figure out how to incorporate it into your business. Once
you’ve past the stage of figuring out & re-figuring every design &
having to re-cut- in other words once you know what to expect- it’s
really a no-brainer as far as expanding your repertoire.

To all those who have it and are not using it-- blow the dust off it
& put in a few intense weekends- thing will start to happen. If I
can get a handle on this thing - anybody can!

Good luck & lots of fun creating new & intricate things!- Rona