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Model maker

Hello~~this is Sola Williams of Sola Designs. I am a designer and
manufacturer of fine jewelry and also a skilled model maker.

A number of Bay Area jewelers are successfully using my model making
services on a contract basis. My expertise in transforming
2-dimensional sketches and technical drawings into intricate,
accurate, 3-D wax models that are ready for casting, is proving to be
of great value to these clients.

These designers and manufacturers know they can trust me to bring
the same careful craftsmanship to their work as I do to my own
original designs and custom pieces. They also appreciate the
professional and reliable way that I do business.

If you or a colleague in the jewelry, gift and accessory industry
could benefit from my model making services, please send me an
e-mail: @Sola. Or, call me at: 510-482-7492.

Best wishes to all for a happy, peaceful holiday season!