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Model cutter needed

I am looking for a person who uses one of those high tech
didgital thingies to cut a model of a “seal”. I have permission
to duplicate for a government agency. If interested in the job,
E-mail or call 800-575-5144. Thanks, Phil.

Aloha Phil, There are several competent CNC owners(and
Stereolithoraphy unit owners), on list.You may want to get
several estimates, before you start.Artwork clean up is billable,
if it is unusable.It can get costly for a master die.If the job
is not a money making proposition(for you),does not require 3D
engraving,and can be flat.You can do a photo etch (magnesium,at a
good print shop)and mold it or a rubber stamp and cast it.I’ll
give you a call.

Grunewald Precision Modelmaking