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Mobile Studio

Here is my attempt at a mobile studio. A few changes since taking these photos. I purchased an oxygen concentrator that I have to install and also have a nice Cherry stump with burl I will be mounting my rolling mill onto. The entire plan for this was to be able to provide me with the ability to teach as I just couldn’t find community backing in my area to suppose teaching for youth and young adults. I have been acquiring tools and supplies for a few years now, just could not secure a location. I had this job trailer just storing all of my carpentry tools in and figured it may as well get some use. If I couldn’t get it to me, I would get it to them. I still have many quirks to work out but I am very optimistic.


WOW! Nice setup

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Very Nice.
Nice use of space

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Worked on a few things today.

Thank you.
I do also plan to add my 6" Cabking to the bench top yet. A work in progress. I hope to be taking a short trip from here in Northern Wisconsin to Indiana in the near future to test it out.

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Very impressive undertaking. I appreciate your resolve. Best of luck to you.

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Thank you,

Nice work Reclaimed! Really like that you want to teach. That is very cool.
Looks like we have the same bench. I have 2 now and have raised then about 4 inches to aid my aging spine.

Jewelers are doers, and I hope you have a lot of doing to do.


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Thank you. I have two more benches yet in my shop and 2 more being stored in my garage. I had been hoarding them in hopes to have a building to teach out of. It could still happen one day so I will hold onto them yet. I will try and find a photo of my work room before the trailer adventure and post.

I’m not sure how to change so it shows my actual name on here and not my “shop” name. I am Stacy by the way.
This is only about 1/3 of my shop, the other houses all my lapidary equipment, beads and rocks.
Here’s what it looked like prior.

Here is what it currently looks like. I picked up this bench in Minneapolis a few months ago which came with provinance dating back to the late 1800’s and also has the jewelers name plate on it which is quite neat to me. It had been passed through 3 generations of jewelers in the family.

Hi Stacy! ! Hi puppy!


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Hello Julie.