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Mobile Artisans and Crafters National Co-Op


Does anyone have anything, positive or negative to say about the
Mobile Artisans and Crafters National Co-Op for Credit card
processing at shows? I’m having heaps of trouble finding a local bank
that wants to help me process credit cards.

Karen in Chicago

I don’t, butttttttttttttttttt.

if you’re looking for credit card authorization while tarveling,
verizon and T Mobile both (I beleive) have phones that swipe cards,
for plumbers and such. Conatct them. they are very legit.

david geller


Do you have Costco in Chicago???

If you get an Excetive Membership…$100/year here in LA… You can
then get credit card processing. I found that it was the cheapest as
well taking the lowest percentage. All you need is a business
checking account and you don’t have to go on your knees to the bank.


I'm having heaps of trouble finding a local bank that wants to help
me process credit cards. 

Karen, I don’t know anything about this group, but I’m in Chicago,
and do my cc through Chase Bank. I pay $7.50/month, which may not be
the best deal (?), plus my “discount rate”-- somewhere around 3%, I
think. No problems with the bank.


Don’t bother with a bank, what you need is a processing company. The
one I use is National Processing Company. The telephone number is:
1-877-652-4348, extension 2722. The person I have delt with is Matt

Good Luck, Vince LaRochelle, Oakridge, OR.

I just signed on with TeaMac. They are GREAT! They work specifically
with artists and know what our particular issues are.

give them a call and ask for Deb, or go to I can’t
say enough about their service.

No affiliation…just a happy customer

Marilyn O’Hara
Marilyn O’Hara Studios
distinctive fine art jewelry


I’ve been using this service for almost two years. I purchased the
machine outright, so all I pay each month is the processing fees on
transactions. They are a small operation, which means that you can
talk to a real human when you call. You will need to call when
setting the system up - the instructions are not complete. The Nurit
manual also isn’t the greatest - I’ve had to flag relevant pages for
info that wasn’t listed in the Table of Contents. I have a
store-and-forward setup, and am happy with that for the small amount
of business I do on charge cards. The machine I have has no cellular
capability, but the software doesn’t know this. Every time I turn it
on after uploading transactions I must reset it to store and
forward. Still, I haven’t had to deal with a bank - The money goes
right into my credit union account in a couple of days. In short,
these folks really do understand what a festival-going artist needs,
as opposed to banks that look at you like you are from Mars if you do
anything slightly out of the mainstream.

Eventually I’ll upgrade to an instant-authorization system, and I’ll
probably stick with MACNC. Hope this helps!

Laurel Cavanaug